Hot Mama Nicole Kidman

New mom Nicole Kidman gave birth to a baby girl, her first child with husband Keith, in a Nashville, Tenn., hospital on July 7, 08 morning. The baby girl was named Sunday Rose.

Sunday — not the day on which the baby girl was born, lest she be associated with the beginning of the work week — joins a long list of offbeat celebrity baby names, from Suri (of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), to Apple and Moses (of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin) and Shiloh, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s most recent addition.

Compared to other hot mamas like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman didn’t look very, very pregnant mama during her pregnancy. I think shedding off baby fat for Kidman should be very easy. I don’t think she needs Jennifer Lopez’s strict fitness regimen, working out daily on weight benches with a celebrity personal trainer to lose her excess baby fat.


The Beauty of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings new life, Pregnancy brings new hope, Pregnancy brings care... Pregnancy is so special and unique in so many ways, it's really an art...


Pregnant fashion show in New Delhi

A pregnant model showcases a costume during a maternity fashion show organised by a newly launched company which caters to pregnant women in New Delhi August 25, 2007.


Non Alcoholic Drink for Pregnant Chick

Fact: Beer ads = hot chicks
Fact: No alcohol = pregnant women
Drink beer while pregnant?


Isabella Oliver 07-08 Autumn & Winter Maternity Wear

Check out the Isabella Oliver 07-08 Autumn & Winter Maternity Wear Fashion Show...You will be amazed how sexy a pregnant woman look like if she dresses properly with style.


Halle Berry

Hollywood actress Halle Berry, who played Jinx in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day, has revealed she is expecting her first child with partner Gabriel Aubry.

"Yes, I am three months pregnant," said Berry. "Gabriel and I are beyond excited, and I've waited a long time for this moment in life. Now the next ... months will be the longest of my life!" (07-09-07)

How to Dress While Pregnant

Things You'll Need
Maternity Dresses
Maternity Leggings
Maternity Pants
Maternity Shorts
Maternity Tops

Step One -
Stock up on a few oversized T-shirts and blouses. Look for silhouettes that taper out from the armpit and chest, giving your belly room to move.

Step Two -
Build multiple outfits around a unitard. This great basic piece allows your belly to rest unencumbered and is versatile enough to pair with a blouse, T-shirt, sweater or even a babydoll dress.

Step Three -
Buy a pair of casual maternity pants. Look for khakis, jeans and leggings engineered with generous front panels and wide elastic bands.

Step Four -
Opt for simple T-shirt dresses cut in an A-line for spring and summer. Remember that as your belly grows, dresses and skirts will hike up in front.

Step Five -
Go for knit leggings and tunic sweaters in the winter. Ribbed knits in particular will stretch as you stretch, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Step Six -
Invest in a pair of overalls. You can wear them with just about any top, and their generously cut leg and midsection provide a roomy and comfortable casual option.

Tips & Warnings
Let your clothes stretch as you stretch. Buy styles that have elastic and spandex, or rayon/polyester combinations often referred to as jersey.

Look in the plus-size department of your local department store, in addition to maternity stores, to maximize your selection.

Borrow instead of buy. Your husband, older brother or male cousins may have a stash of T-shirts or button-down shirts that would fit perfectly into your new wardrobe.

Avoid any styles that cut into your belly. They'll eventually become uncomfortable and may cut off your circulation.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore pregnant and nude on the cover of Vanity Fair (August, 1991). This is a fair use image because of the fame it engendered both for the actress and for the magazine. Moore's appearance nude on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine while seven months pregnant with her daughter Scout LaRue spawned parodies and imitators. Moore again appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair a year later in August 1992, wearing only a body painted "suit".

Kate Hudson

A pregnant actress Kate Hudson and her husband, musician Chris Robinson, arrive at a screening the Venice Film Festival in this August 31, 2003 file photo. People Magazine reported August 14, 2006 that the couple are separating after six years of marriage.

Victoria Beckham

Rarely photographed when pregnant, here's Victoria Beckham when she was carrying her first son Brooklyn

The wife of England captain David Beckham was spotted hobbling around Madrid with painful-looking protrusions emerging from her sandals.